The art and science of how to write an article

Writing falls in different categories, and anyone can write, but what is important is that not everyone can write everything. Some are good at writing stories while some are good at writing research work and some good at writing reports. Writing falls into different categories and "writing articles" is just one of them. What is an article? One may wonder what exactly is an article. An article is something that is written generally for publication in some form, either printed media or electronic media and is meant for a wider audience. An article is best when it can get the attention of the reader and keep it till the last word. An article itself may contain little amusing stories, reports and descriptions. Depending on what is required, an article may be formal or informal and while it should give opinions and thoughts, it should also give facts. An article should be entertaining and interesting throughout! The article could be to describe a person, event, experience or place. It could also present an opinion, or compare or provide information and offer suggestions. The different parts of an article. A good article should start with an attractive title. The title itself should attract readers. But having a good title is not enough. The introduction should clearly define what the article is going to cover and keep the attention of the reader. The topic should be further developed in the main body which could contain four or five paragraphs. Last but not the least, the article should have a proper conclusion which summarises the article or give a final opinion or recommendation. How to write an article and how to keep it engaging? Some of the important things to remember about article writing is who the audience are. Is it going to be published in a newspaper, magazine or on the internet, The age group and background of the intended audience and what is the purpose of the article itself are things to keep in mind. These important points decide the style, layout, the level of formality and language of the article. Decide on the information you want to share using your article and organize them clearly and carefully into different paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a bunch of sentences grouped together based on a topic sentence. Depending on the audience, the level of formality of the article could be formal, informal or semi-formal. Whatever the level of formality, the vocabulary should be appropriate for it and link expressions and words to make the article interesting. While writing articles for the general public, do not talk about yourself. Make your opinions interesting to others by making it amusing. Explain when needed. Do not use over emotional or over personal language. The title: The title is the first thing a reader is going to see and it is the most important part. If your title is not catchy, the reader could easily skip through a good article. The title should be a concise and clear summary of the information present in the article. In other words, the main topic should be clearly mentioned in the title. The title should be stimulating, using good adjectives help. The title could even address the audience directly using simple questions. A title should not be too long and should be informal or formal based on the style of the article. Make it interesting! Now that you have identified the audience and caught their attention, now the job is to keep it engaging so that the reader will not be bored and continue to read till the last word. Make a good impression, keep your writing entertaining. Add humour and real life experiences and quotes. Make it easy to read. Use subheadings if needed to break up the information into clear paragraphs. Use conversational style if required and organise your ideas the right way and in the right sequence. Whatever style you choose, make your article speak directly to the reader. The introduction and the body should have the reader's mind engaged. The Grand Finale When you finish an article, always give the audience something to think about. Give an ending which links back to the starting in some way. See if you can write a conclusion where you can ask a question and make them think or give them a call to action. Article writing is pretty straightforward thing to do if you have the knack of writing and if you can follow some simple steps. Have an idea? See if you can follow the above steps and write a great article.