Making Creative Writing More Innovative and Customer-centric

“Last year, I revived my passion for writing through my blog. I started my blog with my old articles, but when I wanted to write something new, I spent hours in front of the blank screen without a word. I was scared that I might have lost the my flair for writing. Soon, I started freelancing as a content and ‘creative’ writer and gradually I started to understand the tips and tricks of the trade. Creative Writing was not new to me, but having a customer-centric approach was something I intended to learn and master. Thus, started my journey of creative writing in my blog and my professional work.” Creative Writing is not an inherent skill, rather it is a developing one. It comes both from the heart and the brain. It is more about interpretation, rather than information. It comes from everyday things, rather than rare occurrences. It is more about simplicity of the idea, rather than the complex nature. It is about emotions, rather than facts. Here are a few simple tips to make your creative writing more innovative and customer-centric: Channelize your senses: Encourage yourself to use your senses to pick up things to write about. Start with mundane things around them to make innovative ideas. Simple things can be given a different form with creative writing- it can be a tangible thing, an emotion, a sound, and so on. Your senses will start working creatively once you explore things in a different light. Gather knowledge about the customer industry: When you are going to write commercials, or promotional tidbits for your client, ensure you are well aware of the industry, other competitive norms and client requirements. This will help you to pen down creative work with a better understanding of the market and the base idea that the client wants to promote. Make your article attractive with images that convey your message. Ensure the right kind of pictures with proper credit links are chosen to avoid any discrepancy. Be imaginative, bring unknown elements together: Let your mind be as imaginative as possible. Do not try to restrict your imagination by limiting the thought process or possibilities. Use simple things to create new ideas, bring together un-related or unusual things or ideas together. When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit. Make the titles or headings catchy and exciting, so that it entices the reader to read along. Make use of the element of surprise, which leaves the reader with a question or a thought. Understand your audience: It is very important to know your audience so that you can use the right ideas, words and phrases to catch the attention of the reader. For example, if you are writing for social media promotion of a kids product, target kids and parents and use words accordingly. If it is a creative article for a woman’s lifestyle blog, use ideas that cross the minds of women or problems, which they might face. Use stylish literary devices: These devices can make your article interesting and give the desired tone from humorous to generic to thriller. Use quotations to begin sentences or proverbs, alliterations, similes, synonyms, narration or dialogues, oxymoron, analogy, eulogy, euphemism(this makes for a very interesting and subtle read) personification, tautology, and a lot more. You can use one or more of these to make your article exciting and innovative. These bring out the message beautifully and makes it easy for the reader to interpret. They empower a creative writer to tactfully depict his/her ideas, while engaging the reader in a sheer pleasure of reading and flow of the content. Read a lot: Reading is one of the most important facilitators of writing. Get yourself to read different genres in magazines, biographies, blogs, story books, and others from facts to fiction. This way you are exposed to a wide variety of ideas and can think and depict in different ways. These are a few helpful tips to develop creative writing for a commercial purpose. The more you nurture your skill by repeated writing, the more you will be able to channelize your innovative thinking towards it. The creative writer in you just needs a bit of encouragement and facilitation to flourish and unleash your creativity. So, do not stop at anything, take criticism positively and appreciation as a means of learning. Creative Writing is a growing industry and people with such unique talent have a long way to go ahead. “Being a freelancer creative writer, I have to create new ideas and emotions, which people can relate to. Creative Writing relates more to emotions than the eyes reading it or the ears hearing it. And, trust me, everything around you is a great source of inspiration because creativity comes from the energy and simplicity of things around, which needs your creative outlook for interpretation and illustration.”